Zach Littlefield has worked for the Four Mile Fire Crew since its inception in 2009, and became the crew leader that same year.

In addition to serving as an Engine Boss/Captain, and incident commander for most daytime emergencies in our district, Zach administers a wide variety of grant programs, focusing on disaster prevention. He also serves as a personnel director for our entire agency, both paid and volunteer firefighters, ensuring that qualifications, training, and life-saving gear are properly tracked and managed.

Zach lives with his family just outside our district, his wife Mishie, who is a schoolteacher for the Gold Hill School, and their baby daughter, Charlie.


Paul Dennison joined the department as a volunteer, and one of his first incidents as a responder was the flood disaster in 2013.

After spending a week in the field coordinatingevacuations and providing emergency response and care to the stranded residents of upper Fourmile Canyon, Paul was offered a full-time position with the full-time Fire Crew.

Paul is an Engine Boss/Captain trainee, and has completed numerous wildfire assignments in his five seasons with Four Mile. His background as a speechwriter has been instrumental in successfully applying for a variety of grant programs, which he helps to administer as well.

Paul lives in Fourmile Canyon with his lovely girlfriend, Kelsey, and their beloved cat Roo.


Shanti Leasure also joined the Fire Crew 2009, he is the lead sawyer for the Fire Crew,

and the coordinator for maintenance and repair work on everything from fire engines to water sources; Shanti ensures that our life-saving equipment is in proper working order. Shanti is also an Engine Boss/Captain, and has a breadth of wildfire knowledge and leadership experience, on fire engines and hand crews.

Shanti lives in Lafayette with his fiancée, Melissa, and their dog Juno.