Fourmile Fire Department

Serving the Community Since 1962

Poorman Fourmile Fire Station

Poorman Fire Station

1740 Fourmile Canyon Drive

Built in 2015

Salina Fourmile Fire Station

Salina Fire Station

546 Gold Run Road

Built in 1980, Rebuilt in 2012

Wall Street Fourmile Fire Station

Wallstreet Fire Station

5901 Fourmile Canyon Drive

Built in 1994

Lodge Fourmile Fire Station

Lodge Fire Station

83 Fourmile Canyon Drive

Built in 1992

Fourmile Fire Department is an organization that provides professional fire and medical first response to our community.

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, just west of Boulder, Colorado.

We are a combination of paid and volunteer firefighters.
Some of the historic towns in our district include Orodell, Crisman, Salina, Summerville, Wallstreet, and Sunset. The resident population is approximately 2,200 spread over an area of 13 square miles.

We respond to around 95 calls (via 911) per year. Our department has 30 rostered volunteers, and about half of those respond regularly. We have four stations which house a total of seven emergency response vehicles: three engines, two water tenders, and two brush trucks.