Volunteer Program

As a community based fire department, Four Mile has always relied upon, and greatly benefited from the wide variety of knowledge, skills, and dedication of our amazing volunteers.This dependable program serves as the backbone and leadership structure of our agency. 

Approximately 30 firefighters serve our agency through the Volunteer Program, balancing being “on call” 24/7 with their personal lives and full time  jobs. They respond, when able, to emergency fire and medical calls in our district day and night.

In addition to call response, Volunteers attend regular trainings with the Fire Crew, to become familiar with our stations, engines, and a variety of calls they may assist with. These trainings cover multi-hazard situations from water rescue, ropes and rigging, and even patient loading into helicopters! 

Volunteers are vital to our agency in whatever manner they offer support. If responding to fires and other emergencies doesn’t sound like the right role for you, but you are interested in helping our agency, there are many support roles prospective volunteers may explore.

Another way to support Four Mile as an individual is by making a donation. We thank you for sharing your time with us to learn more about the Volunteer Program, and how they serve our agency and community.

Chief Officers

Bret Gibson, Fire Chief (Right), Cash House, Assistant Chief (Left)