Four Mile, Sunshine, Gold Hill, Sugarloaf FPD’s

SS Wednesday, Jan 5:   MEDICAL TRAINING 1900-2100  Sunshine

SS Saturday, Jan 8:  JPR’s/Practical skills – PPE, SCBA, Emergency operations, Radio             (chapter 6)

                  Thursday, Jan 20:  Company Meeting

SS Thursday, Jan 27:  Departmental Training – New Truck Review (create training video on operating the pump)

4M Wednesday, Feb 2:   MEDICAL TRAINING 1900-2100   Fourmile

4M Saturday, Feb 12:   CPR re-cert (other dates will be available) – Cash will teach

                  Thursday, Feb 17:  Company Meeting

SS Thursday, Feb 24:  Water supply / drafting / port-a-pond (back-up structure search)

SS Wednesday, March 2:   MEDICAL TRAINING 1900-2100   Sunshine

SS Saturday, Mar 12:  Side of Highway Fire Incident: Highway management and new vehicle pumping 

                  Thursday, March 17:  Company Meeting

4M Thursday, Mar 24:  Pumping and hose management drills

4M Wednesday, April 6:   MEDICAL TRAINING 1900-2100 Fourmile

SS Saturday, April 9:   Wildland Refresher / Progressive hose lays

                  Thursday, April 21:  Company Meeting

4M Thursday, April 28:  Wildland initial attack and smokey packs

SS Wednesday, May 4:  MEDICAL TRAINING 1900-2100 Sunshine

FM/LH  Saturday, May 14:  Wildland Incident:  Upper Lefthand Canyon with LHFD

                  Thursday, May 19:  Company Meeting

4M Thursday, May 26:   Shore Support with BES / Throw bags and PFDs  BES

4M Wednesday, June 1:  MEDICAL TRAINING 1900-2100   Fourmile

4M Saturday, June 11:   Uphill Evac with BES, Stokes and Ropes with BES

                  Thursday, June 16:  Company Meeting

4M Thursday, June 23:   Vehicle Stabilization Practical with BES

SS Wednesday, July 6:  MEDICAL TRAINING 1900-2100  Sunshine

4M Saturday, July 9:  MCI Scenario with BES, Bus off the roadway.

                  Thursday, July 21:  Company Meeting

4M Thursday, July 28:  Ropes and Tools Classroom with BES

4M Wednesday, August 3:   MEDICAL TRAINING 1900-2100   Fourmile

GH Saturday, August 13:   Pumping Practical – Multiple engines

                  Thursday, August 18:  Company Meeting

4M Thursday, August 25:   Departmental Training

SS Wednesday, Sept 7:   MEDICAL TRAINING 1900-2100   Sunshine

SS Saturday, Sept 10:   Helicopter Safety Training with NOCO Medevac

                  Thursday, Sept 15:  Company Meeting

4M Thursday, Sept 22:  Ladders Classroom / SCBA Practice

4M Wednesday, October 5:   MEDICAL TRAINING 1900-2100   Fourmile

SS Saturday, October 8:  Forceable Entry  

                  Thursday, October 20:  Company Meeting

4M Thursday, Oct 27:   Live burn classroom 

SS Wednesday, Nov 2:   MEDICAL TRAINING 1900-2100   Sunshine

4M   Saturday, Nov 12:   Live Burn / Defensive operations /  Hose management BCFTC  

                  Thursday, Nov 17:  Company Meeting

4M Wednesday, December 7:  MEDICAL TRAINING  1900-2100   Fourmile

GH Saturday, Dec 10:   Car Fire Practical            (chapter 17)

                  Thursday, December 15:  Company Meeting