The Four Mile FPD Fire Crew offers wildfire mitigation, slash chipping, hazard tree removal, and other tree services to our district and the Sunshine Canyon, Gold Hill and Sugarloaf areas. Contact Paul Dennison at or 303-449-3333 to arrange a free estimate.

The Four Mile Fire Crew also offers discounted wildfire mitigation services and hazard tree removal to residents of the Four Mile Fire Protection District.

Qualifying activities are limited to wildfire mitigation and hazard tree removal. Discounted services are not offered for miscellaneous tree work, for example felling trees for view improvement, bucking firewood, etc. The sole eligibility criterion is that the work mitigates some hazard to life or property. Determining eligibility is left to the discretion of the Fire Crew Supervisor. Slash pile burn operations are ineligible for the discount.

Discounted services are only available to homeowners who are not availing themselves of other funding incentives. For example, Agricultural Tax Credit projects or grant funded projects would not be eligible for the discounted rate.

The discounted fire/hazard mitigation program will charge residents only for crew labor, at individual fully burdened labor rates. Equipment costs (e.g. woodchipper, chainsaws, ATV, etc.), supplies and other indirect costs will be covered by the district.

The discount generally amounts to approximately 60% savings, depending on the work being performed.

Homeowners can find a useful guide for wildfire mitigation on private property here. This guide offers many measures homeowners can take to mitigate their property against wildfire risk. It also provides an overview of the standards recommended for timber and brush thinning to achieve wildfire defensible space.

Four Mile FPD offers free defensible space consultation. Contact Paul Dennison at or 303-449-3333 to arrange a consult.