Learn More About the Calls Four Mile Fire Responds To

57% of Four Mile Fire’s calls occur during regular business hours (8am – 5pm) when our volunteers are most likely to be at their day time jobs. We currently have three paid fire fighters that work during this time frame to help ensure a timely response.

Fourmile Fire 2016 Calls

*Based off 2012 call data percentages

Four Mile Fire answers various types of calls. in 2016, 61% of the calls we responded to were medical calls.

Fourmile Fire 2016 Types of Calls - four-mile-fire-responds

*Based off 2012 call data percentages

Over the years, Four Mile Fire’s calls have been increasing in volume. We are currently projecting we will have 152 calls in 2017, a nearly 25% increase since 2016.

Fourmile Fire Cal Volume by year


If you have questions about the type or quantity of calls we take please stop by the station and chat with us or EMAIL US.